Data Communications and Forensic Security
(FCM 740,spring 2007)

Instructor Prof. Douglas Salane

Class Meetings Section 01, Thurs., 6:20-8:20 p.m.

Office Hours Tues. - period 5, and Thurs. - period 7

Suggested Text None. A list of papers, texts and websites appears under the Resources Link below.

Course goal and objectives Much modern criminal activity takes advantage of information systems or information infrastructures such as the Internet. The goal here is to understand the major ways these systems are compromised, misused or exploited, either to make possible novel criminal activities or provide new venues for traditional criminal activities, particularly fraud. Students will examine methods and tools used by both government and private organizations to detect and thwart computer-related crime. They also will survey legislation, security policies and international agreements aimed at deterring crime that involves information systems and infrastructures. On the technical side, course lectures will acquaint students with classification techniques, information retrieval methods and statistical data mining techniques that are proving valuable in crime detection and the analysis of large collections of digital evidence. By conducting an in- depth investigation of a particular type of cyber criminal activity, e.g., spamming, phishing or Internet fraud, students will develop state-of-the-art expertise in that area of cyber crime.

Exams/Grading Grades will be based on a final student research paper, interim reports, and daily class participation that provides evidence of careful and thorough research of the topic the student selects.

Resources Papers, Texts and Web Sites

Laboratory facilities Accounts on the Linux computers in the Forensic Computing Lab will be provided if a student's project requires these facilities. In addition, students can get accounts to use computers in the 4301 Linux Lab, Departmental research database servers, and the Department's cluster computer. Let me know your project needs as soon as possible.

Syllabus FCM 740, Spring 2007

Announcements (4/16/07)

  • Be sure I have your latest outline or draft.
  • The director of computer security for the NYSE Euronext will speak Wednesday, April 18 in room 4238N at 1:00 p.m.

Course development sponsored in part by NSF grants 043044 and 0619226