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Recent Courses

Graduate Students

  • Mathew Cheng (Spring 2013)
    M.S. Digital Forensics & Security
    DDoS Attacks in the Financial Sector

  • Paul Gallo (August 2011)
    M.S. Forensic Computing
    IPAD Forensics and Security

  • Eman Abdu (June 2009)
    Ph.D Computer Science
    CUNY Graduate Center
    Categorical Data Clustering

  • Jonathan Kaeuper (June 2009)
    M.S. Criminal Justice

  • Mark Frankel (August 2008)
    M.S. Forensic Computing
    Web 2.0 Vulnerabilities

Research Projects

Some Papers, Reports and Presentations

College Activities

NASA CIPA Cluster Computing Project


Douglas E. Salane

Associate Professor
Mathematics & Computer Science Department

Graduate Faculty in Forensic Computing

Center for Cybercrime Studies

phone: 212 237-8920
fax: 212 237-8742

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