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Recent Courses

Graduate Students

  • Kin Wong (October 2017)
    Behind the Scences of Ransomware

  • Emilio Tatis (May 2016)
    Exploring Current and Future Security Issues: Concerns of Botnets and Cybercrime

  • Mathew Cheng (January 2015)
    Adware and Malware in Online Advertising

  • Stephen McNamara (August 2014)
    GIVE: A Graphical User Interface to the Volatility Environmet

  • Paul Gallo (August 2011)
    M.S. Forensic Computing
    IPAD Forensics and Security

  • Eman Abdu (June 2009)
    Ph.D Computer Science
    CUNY Graduate Center
    Categorical Data Clustering

  • Jonathan Kaeuper (June 2009)
    M.S. Criminal Justice

  • Mark Frankel (August 2008)
    M.S. Forensic Computing
    Web 2.0 Vulnerabilities

Research Projects

Some Papers, Reports and Presentations

College Activities

NASA CIPA Cluster Computing Project


Douglas E. Salane

Professor and Chair
Mathematics & Computer Science Department

Interim Director
Graduate Faculty in Forensic Computing

Center for Cybercrime Studies

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