Operating Systems (MAT 375)
Fall 2004

Instructor: Prof. Salane

Class Sections: MAT 375 01 & 02

Class Meetings: Tues. and Thurs., periods 3 and 8, room 2511N

Office Hours: Tues., 12:30-1:30 p.m.; Thurs., 5:30-6:00 p.m.

Required Texts

  • Operating Systems Concepts: 6th edition by Silberschatz, Glavin and Gagne, John Wilely & Sons Inc.(2003), ISBN 0-471-25060-0
  • Linux: The Textbook by Sarwar,Koretsky and Sarwar, Addison Wesley (2001), ISBN 0-201-72595-9.

Supplemental Resources:


  • Bovet, D., & Cesati, M. (2003). Understanding the Linux Kernel, second edition. Oreilly & Associates.
  • Intel Corp. (2001). IA-32 Intel Architecture Software Developers Manual: Volume 3. Santa Clara: Intel Corporation.
  • Welsh, M., et. al (2003). Running Linux, fourth edition. Oreilly & Associates.
  • Stallings, W. (2001). Operating Systems, Fourth Edition. Upper Saddle River:Prentice Hall.
  • Stevens, W.R. (1999). UNIX Network Programming: Interprocess Communications, Vol. 2, 2nd Edition. Upper Saddle River:Prentice Hall.
  • Haviland, K., Gray, D., Salama, B. (1999). UNIX System Programming, 2nd Edition. New York:Addison-Wesley.
  • Tate, S., et al.(2000).Windows 2000 Essential Reference . Indianapolis:New Riders Press.

Web Sites

www.linux.org Information on the Linux operating system and related projects.
www.linuxdoc.org Latest documentation for Linux including How To documents.
www.nsa.gov/selinux Security enhanced Linux from National Security Agency.
Operating System Concepts Web site for the text.
Linux/Unix Tutorials and Introduction to UNIX Commands
Linux man pages On-line version of the manual pages for Linux.
Intel documentation IA-32 Intel Architecture documentation.
Linux 2.4 Kernel Internals Process and Interrupt Management, Virtual File System, IPC mechanisms
The Linux Virtual Memory Manager This report dicusses the Linux view of physical memory and process address space. It details how Linux manages page tables, frame allocation, frame reclamation and swapping to backing store.
Linux File Systems Provides background on extent and journaling file systems.
Linux Administration. Additional information on partitions, file systems and disk management.
OS Security
The Linux job market

Other Resources

computer codes, papers, power point slides

Exams/grading: Grades will be based on three exams. There will be two exams during the semester and a final. In addition, several computer projects will be assigned. If you do not do the projects, you will not be able to answer exam questions related to the projects.

Responsibilities: Students are expected to attend all classes and take the exams at the scheduled times. Projects must be completed by the due date. Assigned readings and exercises should be completed after each class. If possible, bring Linux: The Textbook to class when needed.

Course Overview: The course introduces basic principles and techniques used in the design and implementation of operating systems. The course follows the text; however, supporting material is introduced throughout the course. The Linux operating system is used extensively.

Syllabus: MAT 375, Fall 2004

Projects: File Copy , Signal , Shell Interpreter , Producer Consumer , Sleeping Barber, Memory Managment, DiningPhilosophers Assignments

Course development sponsored in part by NSF grant 0416494