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CIS majors have played a major role in the CIPA Cluster Computing Project at John Jay. Here is a overview of some of the students CIPA and their activities.

Distributed Files Systems

As a project Ascend/McNair student, Boris Bondarenko, examined several distributed files systems for use in the Department's cluster computing environment. Boris examined current releases for Linux of the Andrew File System, NFSv3 and NFSv4. Boris conducted extensive testing of each file system under severe loads. He also examined the administrative costs of implementing and maintaining these systems. Boris's paper, "Comparison and Evaluation of NFSv3, NFSv4 and AFS Distributed File Systems," presents the results. Boris worked on the project as a student and joined the CIPA project as a staff member after he graduated in March 2001.

Beowulf Cluster Computing

Boris has played a critical role in building the Beowulf Cluster. He helped resolve many Linux configuration problems. He currently is helping develop and implement several parallel codes using MPICH, the freely available version of MPI from Argonne National Laboratories.

Tien Nguyen worked during the summer 2001 on the Beowulf Project. Tien helped with the installation and configuration of the nodes. Tien graduated and is now working in an operating system development at IBM.

Database Systems

Nankumar Itwaru developed a database program that keeps an inventory of equipment purchased under the CIPA grant. Nankumar graduated in June 2001. He is a database consultant and works for several local companies. Nankumar is pursuing a graduate degree in computer science at CUNY.

Krafins Valcin took over the database work from Nankumar. Besides maintaining the inventory database, Krafins developed a database for monitoring our equipment expenses. Krafins graduated in June 2001 and now works as a database analyst for the CUNY. He also is attending graduate school in computer science at CUNY.

Atiqul Mondal joined the project during the spring of 2001. Atiqul works with Prof. Shenkin on enterprise-level database systems. Recently, they developed a web-based information system that provides access to the FBI’s National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS). The system will be used by law enforcement agencies and criminal justice researchers to do crime studies using NIBRS. Atiqul also helped Prof. Shenkin setup the distributed database cluster that houses NIBRS. Atiqul plans to enter graduate school in January 2003.

Distributed Computing Lab

A number of students have helped Boris Bondarenko set up, configure and maintain the distributed computing lab. Gerardo Vasquez joined the project in summer 2001. Gerardo helped wire the lab, install network hardware and configure the Linux systems. Gerardo also worked in the lab where he trained students in the use of lab equipment and software. Gerardo currently is pursuing a graduate degree in computer science at Hawaii Pacific University.

Anton Lebedev worked in the Mathematics Department’s windows labs in the fall of 2001 and spring of 2002. Anton assisted students with projects and maintained the labs. He also trained students in the use of the Secure Shell program, which students use to access CIPA Cluster Computing resources from Windows machines.

Raul Cabrera joined the CIPA project in October 2002. Raul works in the lab and helps students use compilers and Linux utilities. He also assists Boris in the maintenance of lab computers.

Sheikh Shamimullah joined the CIPA project in September. Sheikh assists students in the lab. Sheik also works with the Science Dept. helping their students use specialized science course software in the lab

Mr. Ke Tang also joined the CIPA project in September 2001. Ke is a CUNY Ph.D. student. Ke works in the lab and helps instructors integrate CIPA computer facilities into their curricula. This semester Ke is helping over 80 students in the fall operating system course use Linux utilities and software. He also assists them with projects.

High Performance Computation

Mr. Bondarenko is helping to build a problem solving environment on the computational cluster. He recently installed ScaLapack and the project is using it to solve large-scale problems in numerical linear algebra. Boris recently developed a library for large number calculations on the cluster. He used the library to develop a parallel version of the Miller-Rabin algorithm for primality testing.

Web Development.

Uttam Singha joined the project in Spring 2002. Uttam is the CIPA Cluster Computing Project’s web site developer and helps maintain the Mathematics Department web site. Uttam assists with all aspects of grant administration. Uttam also tutors CIS students and helps them use CIPA computing facilties. Atiqul Mondal developed the original Math Dept. web site.